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Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching is a lot about bringing out the best in your employees. Our coaching seeks to motivate employees so they feel inspired to grow with the business and therefore leverage productivity, increase morale and talent within an organisation, and reduce absenteeism.

Sessions can take place virtually and in person, as well as 1-1 or group setting.

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School, Colleges and University Workshops

Schools, colleges, and university workshops focus on dedicated time with young people to support them with goal setting and raising aspirations while focusing on students’ independence in creating the vision and specified goals to achieve.

Community Workshops

Whether a community organisation or charity group, Within Community is focused on working with the local community to empower individuals and organisations with goals within their local community, this can take place in the form of individual coaching, group coaching and workshops.

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Speaking Engagements

As a keynote speaker, I like to understand your organisation, values, ethos and needs to inspire individuals to make their visions a reality. Whether an intimate conference or a large exhibition, their goal is always to empower my audience.

We are Committed to Empowering Your Potential

If you’re ready to embrace the process of becoming a better version of yourself and require that extra support and accountability…