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EMPOWER: 1-1 Coaching

Our 1-1 EMPOWER One on one coaching focuses on your specific needs to assist you with gaining clarity and moving past blockers to achieve your desired personal goals with confidence.

This can include confidence, career development, business growth, financial growth, lifestyle and more.

Provided virtually and in person.


  • Four month programme, Four monthly 55 mins sessions with two 30 mins check-ins – £380
  • Six month programme, Six monthly 55 mins sessions with two 30 mins check-ins – £580

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LEVEL UP Intensive Session

This is single session one to one session where we gain clarity on your key goals, and motivation for the strategic steps required for your goal. This session will involved developing a detailed 6 months plan on your goals. 

If you’re stuck, needing that extra bit of accountability and serious about levelling up your life, this is for you. 

Session can be provided virtually and in person.

Investment: £149

Duration: 2 hours


Our BUSINESS TAKE SESSION focuses on empowering new entrepreneurs and founders to gain a powerful and clear vision on their business outcomes, narrow down on their niche with target audience in mind.

The session will cover developing business outline, marketing and revenue roadmap. 

We work through a business strategy, sales and detailed annual plan to ensure your confident to take off!

Investment: £249 

Duration: 2.5 hours
two women sitting beside table and talking

Goal Setting Coach FAQs

A Goal Setting coach will help you client get clarity about WHAT you want to achieve and HOW to achieve it. They can also help a range of needs including self-confidence, time management, financial growth and career progression. They will help with planning, accountability, setbacks, focus and adherence to the plan, ensuring a holistic approach. A good Goal Setting coach will be on hand every step of the way helping their client realise their goal.

Sessions can be provided to suit the client via Zoom, Googlemeets, or in-person. Additional contact can be made via email and telephone meetings/conversations.

There is more to a Goal Setting coach than just Goal Setting. ‘At WithinHer, we believe each individual has Gifts, Talents, and Vision within them for a purpose, to achieve action. To deliver well takes planning well and at WithinHer we aim to support in individuals plan, act and succeed taking a holistic approach, because everyone is unique with different perspectives and circumstances. We help you to plan according to your life goals, so that daily your becoming the person you want to be’

We are Committed to Empowering Your Potential

If you’re ready to begin this journey Embrace the process of becoming a better version of your And require that extra support and accountability